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Special Projects

Woodhull Student Council

Faculty Advisor: Philip Tamberino

Woodhull students established the school’s first official student council in the 2018-19 school year, with a representative from each classroom for grades 2 and up. Per the Council’s constitution, elections are held in the first month of school. There are no officers, and the representatives work based on consensus with the guidance and moderation of the faculty advisor.

The Student Council serves as an important communication point between the students and staff, provides leadership opportunities, and allows students to propose or help implement solutions, activities, and/or events in the interest of improving or enriching student life.

National Elementary Honor Society (NEHS)

Faculty Advisor: Philip Tamberino
Faculty Council: Shannon Rickard, Gabrielle Donovan

Woodhull maintains an official chapter of the NEHS, a nationwide organization recognizing outstanding academic performance and responsibility among upper elementary students, and promoting service and leadership opportunities for its members.

Students become eligible for honor society induction at the end of 5th grade and remain members as long as they continue to meet the standards by which they were selected. Standards for membership include:

  • Grade Level – The student must be a 5th or 6th grader
  • Enrollment – The student must be enrolled at Woodhull for at least 6 months prior to eligibility
  • Scholarship – The student must have a cumulative average of 3.25 beginning from the first trimester of 4th grade. Students who are new to the school may have their grades from previous school(s) considered.
  • Responsibility – Report card marks for work habits and social development will be considered by the Faculty Council along with input from all faculty who have worked with the student.
Honor society inductions take place at the school graduation ceremony in June.