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After-School Activities:


Please note that off-island clubs are not being offered in 2021-22, and club offerings are currently limited to one class per club and one club per day.


  • Legos Club - Grades 3-6, Fall, Woodhull
    Students will have the opportunity to join an after-school club that is designed to encourage them to use their imagination, try out their problem-solving skills and cooperate with others.

    Students will use LEGOS in a fun, hands-on and engaging way covering a wide range of curriculum targets within science, technology, engineering and math. Activities will be designed for 2 to 4 students working together. Each student can contribute to the process of designing, building and testing solutions.

  • Puzzle Club - Grades K-2, Fall, Woodhull
    Students use puzzles as a fun, hands-on, engaging way to cover a wide range of curriculum targets including the development of motor skills, cooperation skills, and cognitive development.

  • Art Club - Grades 3-6, Fall & Winter, Woodhull
    Students create artwork to accompany the themed Parents As Reading Partners month-long motivational reading program.  Students also create independent art projects as well as continue to work on their art class pieces.

  • Swimming Club - Grades 1-6, Fall & Winter, Off-Island
    Swimming lessons are provided at the Bay Shore YMCA on Friday afternoons

  • Tennis Club - Grades 1-6, Fall & Winter, Off-Island
    Tennis lessons are provided at The World Gym located in Bay Shore. Students are divided into five age/skill appropriate levels and receive instruction in the basic techniques of tennis.

  • Homework Club - Grades 3-6, Winter, Woodhull
    Students use the time to complete homework under the supervision of a teacher who is available for individual help as needed.

  • Music Club - Grades 3-6, Winter, Woodhull
    Grade 3-6 students use software installed on their Fire Island MacBooks to arrange and record music.

  • Bowling Club – Grades 1-6, Spring, Off-Island
    Held at the East Islip Lanes, bowling builds and stretches muscles. Children are grouped according to age, and since the game cannot be played alone it helps to promote relationships and friendships.