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Testing Program

An integral part of all learning is continuous feedback and assessment.  Part of this program occurs every day on an informal basis as students receive both verbal and written feedback on responses and work from their teachers.  A more formal form of assessment occurs when tests and projects are graded.  Both of these assessment methods help to formulate the information we convey on each of our trimester report cards.  Interim progress reports sent out in the middle of each trimester identify areas of progress and concern between report cards.  Some progress reports are focused and others are more broad in scope.
Standardized assessments offer ways to compare the achievement levels and growth of students against other students in the state or country. New York State requires the administration of their own annual standardized assessments in Math and English Language Arts (ELA) for all students in grades 3 through 8, and in science for grades 4 and 8. Fire Island also uses a suite of smaller standardized assessments marketed as Aimsweb Plus to check in on student progress in ELA and Math three times annually (Fall, Winter, Spring). The Student Support Team often uses data from Aimsweb in determining the need for academic interventions, and Aimsweb also provides tools for determining the effectiveness of interventions (“progress monitoring” tools).