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Testing Program

An integral part of all learning is continuous feedback and assessment.  Part of this program occurs every day on an informal basis as students receive both verbal and written feedback on responses and work from their teachers.  A more formal form of assessment occurs when tests and projects are graded.  Both of these assessment methods help to formulate the information we convey on each of our trimester report cards.  Interim progress reports sent out in the middle of each trimester identify areas of progress and concern between report cards.  Some progress reports are focused and others are more broad in scope.
In addition, many of our students receive a standardized formal assessment of progress during the school year.  In grades 3-6, NCLB regulations call for state assessments in a variety of content areas.  English/Language Arts and Mathematics are assessed in grades 3-6, and science in grade 4 by New York State. In grades 1-2, the school district assesses students through the use of the TerraNova CAT assessments. 

This assessment correlates with the areas that are tested in later grades and offers the District an opportunity to see if any students may need additional support before they are required to take the NYS assessments.

More information on NYS Standards and Assessments can be found at:

Sample tests from previous years can be found at:

Comprehensive information on preparing for all NYS assessments including secondary is at: