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Giving Back

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Woodhull students and staff worked diligently to help give back to those in need of a helping hand this winter through two different philanthropic programs. Organized by the school’s director of health services, Janet LaViolette, N.P., students and staff collected nonperishable food items as part of a two-week Thanksgiving food drive. The items collected not only benefited a local family but also contributed to the efforts of Island Harvest, a food bank that supplies resources to individuals across Long Island. Additionally, through a project organized by Woodhull graduate and current high school senior William Kurka, the school collected many pairs of gloves, socks and hats as well as monetary donations for the Suffolk County homeless shelter. This is a recurring project that William has led before and is meant to complement the more common drive for coats during winter.

Student Leaders Help Guide the Way

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In keeping with its constitution established in 2018, the student council held elections for class representatives and is now meeting, albeit virtually after school, with Mr. Phillip Tamberino continuing as faculty adviser. In progress are plans to coordinate the allocation of physical education equipment to different classes for recess, given the way social distancing has restricted the types of activities students can do at this time. Additionally, the school is developing a pool of “peer supporters” who will be available for pairing up with any future new students as a resource in their transition into the school building.

Parent Guide to Common Core

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This is a series of materials, websites and guides aimed at helping parents navigate the Common Core Standards.

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Non-Resident Student Enrollment

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This link provides an overview of the district’s non-resident student enrollment program, including tuition rates and applications. 

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Community Library

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Information on library hours, contents, computer system features, the inter-library loan system and how to obtain a library card.

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