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Bay Shore & FI Join Lesson

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Bay Shore and Fire Island Students Join in Science Lesson

In an effort to share a year of learning experiences and foster relationship-building, Woodhull School invited Bay Shore students to participate in the Environmental Education program with fifth and sixth grade students. Ten Bay Shore students joined the Woodhull School scientists to explore and develop models of the building blocks of the universe, atoms and simple molecules. They constructed three-dimensional models of atoms, which allowed them to explore the differences between elements, compounds and molecules.

In order to prepare for future science chapters, the students also learned about dissection. Their practice “specimens” were pickles. The students learned how to use dissection tools, as well as how to properly perform a successful dissection and have steady hands.

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Date Added: 9/22/2023

Welcome back, Woodhull!

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On Sept. 5, the district welcomed students and staff to the start of the 2023-2024 school year. Smiles, sunny skies and fun learning activities were all front and center as our dedicated teachers and staff helped to ensure a smooth transition for all students.

Teachers and students worked together to build classroom expectations, routines, and to establish cooperative learning partnerships. Working together helped remind each other of how much we have learned leading up to this school year as well as how much we can rely on each other to expand what we know and what we can do!

Getting to know you activities afford students opportunities to share a bit about themselves, their interests, and how they spent their summers. These activities not only help identify commonalities between students, but teachers are often able to take what they learn about their students and weave together lessons targeting individual as well as common interests.

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Date Added: 9/11/2023

Remembering 9/11

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Woodhull students and staff met as a whole school to read a children’s book about the events of 9-11 and how every effort to help others counts. Then we painted seashells in USA’s red, white, and blue and positioned ourselves in a heart showing our love and appreciation for the patriots of 2001 and today! Our thank you shells can be seen along the walkway outside of Woodhull.

Date Added: 9/11/2023

SORA Resource

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Click here to view the SORA Resource.

Date Added: 11/30/2022

Non-Resident Student Enrollment

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This link provides an overview of the district’s non-resident student enrollment program, including tuition rates and applications. 

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