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Budget Results / Thank You

Budget Results thumbnail246477

Yes – 41
No – 0

Board Trustee: (* denotes who was elected)
Judi Phelan – 38 *
Marisa Wyckoff – 36 *

Date Added: 5/16/2023


Celebrating Earth Day

Woodhull School students at the beach thumbnail245498
Woodhull School students at the beach thumbnail245499
Woodhull School students at the beach thumbnail245500
Woodhull School students at the beach thumbnail245501
Woodhull School students at the beach thumbnail245502

Woodhull School students helped to make a different during a recent project, which was done in collaboration with the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society. The students enjoyed learning about the litter pervasive problem on our planet through a morning assembly and how that connects close to home for us here on Fire Island. Following the chat, the students were excited to become part of a solution and collected over 28 pounds of trash from our local beaches.

Date Added: 4/26/2023

Woodhull School Newsletter!

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SORA Resource

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Date Added: 11/30/2022

Parent Guide to Common Core

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This is a series of materials, websites and guides aimed at helping parents navigate the Common Core Standards.

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