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Final Winter Newsletter - New

Final Winter Newsletter - New thumbnail254983
Date Added: 2/9/2024


Exploring Artifacts

Two students, both holding artifacts. thumbnail254828
First and second grade students embarked on a journey through time. Armed with artifacts and antiques from their own home, the young historians delved into the rich tapestry of culture and change spanning centuries.

The classroom, and later the lunchroom, transformed into mini museums as students proudly displayed their treasures, each artifact a window into a bygone era. From antique baby utensils to coffee makers, butter churners and 45-inch records, every item told a unique story of its own.

As the students eagerly shared their findings, the room came alive with curiosity and wonder. Discussions unfolded naturally as the students connected the artifacts to historical contexts and explored how everyday objects evolve over time. The students and staff marveled at the intricate designs on a vintage coffee maker, comparing how different it looks from the sleek machines of today.

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Date Added: 2/6/2024

Groundhog Study

Four students holding up paper plate art to the camera. thumbnail254829
Woodhull's prekindergarten students are taking the spotlight this month as they showcased their artistic talents while exploring the fascinating world of groundhogs.

With brushes, crayons and glue in hand, these young artists captured the spirit of Groundhog Day, depicting adorable groundhogs and scenes from this beloved tradition. Through their creative endeavors, they not only learned about the role of groundhogs in forecasting the arrival of spring but also discovered the significance of this annual celebration on Feb. 2.

As they proudly displayed their masterpieces, the students spread joy and excitement into the main office and around the building. Their artwork served as a vibrant reminder of the wonder and magic found in the changing seasons, inspiring us all to embrace the spirit of Groundhog Day and eagerly await the promise of spring.

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Date Added: 2/6/2024

Developing Sportsmanship

Students sitting up against the gymnasium wall thumbnail254659
Many students playing dodgeball thumbnail254660
Students sitting up against the gymnasium wall thumbnail254661
students listening to the gym teacher thumbnail254662
Many students playing dodgeball thumbnail254663
Physical education teacher Anna Bainbridge teaches Woodhull students more than the physical skills necessary to play a game. She encourages students on opposing teams to work together in ways that support the fun in games.

During physical education classes, captains from two opposing teams agreed on the rules by which a familiar game should be played. Once they agreed, the two captains returned to their teams to explain the agreed upon rules.

Students were then instructed to back against the wall before Mrs. B. issued the “go” signal. Students followed the newly agreed upon rules throughout the game, demonstrating great sportsmanship.

Date Added: 2/2/2024

Sculpting with ‘Blown Glass’

A student thumbnail254657

Woodhull students created “blown glass” sculptures during their art classes. This recycled art project began weeks ago with a collection of plastic bottles.

When the project commenced, the students designed their bottles with different colors and patterns. A heat gun was then used to create glass-like shapes that will eventually be combined into sculptures. Stay tuned for updates as the sculptures begin taking shape.

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Date Added: 1/31/2024