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The Sky is the Limit

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In the spirit of exploration and discovery surrounding this week’s solar eclipse, the young scientists in Ms. Donovan’s class, along with their special guests from Bay Shore, embarked on an exhilarating journey into the world of aerospace engineering during Environmental Education Day.

Armed with creativity and curiosity, the students took on the challenge of designing and constructing their very own model rockets. Using a variety of materials, they put their imaginations to work, envisioning rockets that could soar beyond the bounds of Earth’s gravity and across the Woodhull School gym.

With guidance from their teachers and support from their peers, the students dove into the scientific principles underlying their project. They delved into Newton’s second law of motion, exploring the relationship between force, mass and acceleration (F = ma). Through hands-on experimentation and collaborative problem-solving, they applied these theories to optimize the performance of their rockets.

The goal was to achieve the ultimate launch, one that would propel their rockets skyward and outward with precision and style. As they eagerly awaited the countdown to launch, anticipation filled the gym, mingling with the excitement of scientific discovery.

Cheers erupted as the rockets took flight a second and third time with greater success than their initial launches, soaring in the air from one side of the gym to the other. It was a testament to the hard work, ingenuity and teamwork of our young scientists, who proved that with determination and a spirit of exploration, the sky is truly the limit.

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Date Added: 4/11/2024

Preparing for the Eclipse

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In preparation for the eclipse on April 8, younger students attending the start of Kiddie Club participated in an activity which depicted the earth, moon and sun. Using a template, they colored all three celestial bodies, cut them out and connected them. This enabled the students to move them around, as if in orbit, so they could see the position of all three during this phenomenon.

This up-close view before the big event gave students a better understanding of what will occur.

Date Added: 4/9/2024

Did You Feel That?

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In the midst of a busy school day, nature provided Fire Island students with a rare and unexpected teaching opportunity on April 5. A 4.8 earthquake left students in awe and teachers poised to turn the moment into a valuable learning experience.

The priority of the Woodhull School was to ensure the safety and wellbeing of students and faculty. Once workspaces were reset, the third and fourth grade students delved deeper into the science of earthquakes. They visited the United Stated Geological Survey website to learn about earthquakes, fault lines and seismic activity. Utilizing the resources available, they eagerly absorbed information about Earth’s dynamic processes and the factors that contribute to seismic events. They also registered their experience using the Felt Report, a feature on the website. By actively participating in this data collection process, the students gained firsthand insight into the importance of monitoring and reporting seismic activity.

Date Added: 4/8/2024

Exporing Historic Landmarks

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Woodhull School fifth and sixth grade students embarked on an unforgettable journey to explore the historic landmarks of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Led by teachers Gabrielle Donovan and Colleen Ferry, the students delved into the rich tapestry of American immigration history, gaining a deeper understanding of the hopes, fears and dreams that accompanied millions of immigrants as they arrived on the shores of America.

As the students explored the halls of Ellis Island, they were transported back in time and imagined the experience of the immigrants who walked those same corridors generations ago. The students also reflected on the sacrifices made and the challenges overcome by those who paved the way for future generations.

Additionally, a visit to the Statue of Liberty served as a powerful symbol of freedom and democracy and inspired the students to embrace values of inclusion, diversity and unity that define the American spirit.

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Date Added: 3/28/2024

News 12 Feature on FI School

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Date Added: 3/25/2024