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History through Art

Students sitting at a table and working on artwork thumbnail240667
A student decorating a ceremonial mask thumbnail240668
As part of their study of ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, Woodhull fifth graders learned about the use and meaning of ceremonial masks. The images below capture our students designing their own masks out of different natural materials to demonstrate their understanding of what they learned.

Date Added: 1/30/2023

Fun Spin on Staying Active

Two students playing rock paper scissors in the gym while holding a plank thumbnail240665
Students playing in the gym thumbnail240666
Regular physical activity has tremendous benefits on individual’s physical and mental health. With physical education every day of the week at Woodhull Elementary School, students build on skills introduced across the week, adding complexity to each challenge.

Last week, the students built on their core strength by battling out epic duels of rock, paper, scissors while holding plank positions. The shoulder muscle work felt during crab walks and bear crawls were emphasized during crab and bear crawl volleyball. Incorporating these exercises into games increases the fun and maximizes the workout.

Date Added: 1/30/2023

Science Studies At Woodhull

Kindergarten students learning in class thumbnail239602
Kindergarten students learning in class thumbnail239603

Innovation, curiosity and the steps of the scientific method were visible all around Woodhull Elementary School this January, as students across grade levels worked on various projects.

As part of their environmental education day, Woodhull fifth graders worked together to design and build a submarine within an imaginary $500 budget. Materials were provided at different price points and students eventually tested their designs. Students also spent some time participating in a bio indicator study and observing the filtration qualities of soil.

Additionally, kindergarten students learned how to warm up a frozen playground by experimenting with ways to move the sunshine to reflect on a city hidden in a valley. They also learned how the sun impacts different parts of the Earth throughout the year through a model created by their teacher, Mrs. Crawson.

Date Added: 1/9/2023

Computer Science Week

Student With Computer thumbnail238652
Students With Computers thumbnail238653
Student With Computer thumbnail238654
Student With Computer thumbnail238655

In connection with Computer Science Education Week, Woodhull technology teacher Mrs. Gerken rolled out a fun coding experience with students in early December. Kindergarten through fourth grade students used an iPad application known as Scratch Jr. After being taught the mechanics of the program, which is based on the computer language Java Script, students were assigned Day at the Beach projects that tapped into the current IB unit called How We Express Ourselves. Fifth grade students worked through independent coding courses aimed at developing their skills through a website: Coding is a valuable learn-by-doing experience. Students set objectives, work to accomplish those objectives, and learn to troubleshoot their way to success through these engaging platforms.

Date Added: 12/19/2022

Celebrating the Season

Group photo of Woodhull kindergarteners with their wreaths thumbnail238348

Kicking off a new unit called How We Express Ourselves, Woodhull kindergarteners began learning about the winter solstice and December holidays. In celebration of the character strength Hope, students shared what they are excited about and hopeful for during this holiday season.

Date Added: 12/13/2022