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The Intermediate Class

Welcome to our classroom!

Teacher: Ms. Gabrielle Donovan

The students in our Intermediate Class are encouraged to become lifelong learners.  The curriculum is rich with real-life themes and integrated units of study that are based on questions and concerns the students have about themselves and the world around them: Who We Are; Where We Are In Time and Place; How We Express Ourselves; How The World Works; How We Organize Ourselves and Sharing the Planet.

Students work independently, as well as in pairs and groups, to create a collaborative working environment and promote effective learning. Students are encouraged to be reflective and responsible for their learning. Lessons and units of study are designed to meet New York State English Language Arts Learning Standards in reading, writing and speaking. Content areas are incorporated into the units of study and are aligned to both the NYS Social Studies and the science curriculum. Similarly, the math curriculum is aligned with the new state core curriculum requirements that include adaptive reasoning, strategic competence, conceptual understanding, and procedural fluency.  In addition, our math curriculum closely follows grade specific state standards that define what students should understand and be able to do.  Technology is incorporated into all content areas.  Laptops and iPods are provided for daily use and students are encouraged to view technology as an integral part of their learning.


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