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• Ensure a high quality, rigorous instruction program aimed at improving student performance. Keep abreast of student progress.
• Continue the non-resident student enrollment program to ensure a vibrant student population.
• Continue to provide professional development for teaching staff to promote a collaborative learning community.
• The Board will attend professional development programs to remain current in school governance issues.

Building and Grounds

• Maintain the integrity of District facilities to ensure a safe physical environment for students, staff, parents and other visitors.
• Replacement of Library lighting fixtures and ceiling tiles
• Oversee Capital Project approved in 2014: re-pointing of original building (1954) brick work, re-pointing of chimney, wall-coating of multipurpose room and upper gymnasium windows, replacement of main office air conditioning, reconfiguration of lunchroom closet to provide a kitchenette area, replacement of lunchroom ceramic tile floor, renovation of existing bathroom to comply with ADA standards, creation of a “man trap” at the east entrance, and renovation of the garage to construct a storage mezzanine.

Community Relations

• Continue to maintain open communication with all District stakeholders
• Encourage public attendance at all meetings and events


• Ensure fiscal responsibility while maintaining educational programs for students
• Budget development will continue to strive to work within the framework of the property tax cap.